Why Some Gold Coast DJs Don’t Have Videos

Gold Coast DJs

It is not uncommon for Gold Coast DJs to not have videos of themselves, especially if they are focused on performing live music rather than creating visual content. Here are a few reasons why DJs may not have videos of themselves:


Focus On The Music:

For many DJs, music is the most important aspect of their performance. They may prefer to let the music speak for itself rather than create a visual distraction with videos.



Some DJs may prefer to maintain a level of privacy, especially if they are not comfortable with being in the public eye. They may choose to keep their personal life separate from their music career.



Creating high-quality videos can be expensive and time-consuming, and many DJs may not have the resources to invest in video production.


Performance Logistics:

Many DJs perform in venues where it may be difficult to set up cameras and record video. For example, if a DJ is performing in a small, crowded club, it may not be practical to have cameras set up.


That being said, some DJs do have videos of themselves, especially those who are more focused on creating a visual performance. In recent years, video content has become more important in the music industry, and some Gold Coast DJs may choose to create videos to promote their music and build their brand. Ultimately, whether a DJ has videos of themselves or not is a personal choice and can depend on a variety of factors.

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