A deposit of $220 is required to secure your booking with us.

Yes, we are more than happy to travel to you. Local travel is included in our pricing. We do charge an additional fee for travel to some locations. Please chat to us to find out if an additional fee apples to your venue.

Our DJs will wear whatever you want them to wear (within reason of course)! If you are having a themed event and want the DJ to be dressed in theme – just let us know and we can ensure that we blend in with your guests.

If we are not advised of a dress code or theme then your DJ will wear our standard uniform of black formal attire with a purple tie.

No, setting up and packing up is not included in the package hours. We arrive 45min – 1.5hrs prior to our starting time to set up so that we are ready to start at the requested time. After the contracted hours of music, your DJ will then pack up.

Yes, the DJ has a corded microphone with them for announcements. If you require a wireless microphone for your MC then please let us know in advance so that we can ensure that we bring a wireless microphone with us.

Our DJs can act as the MC at your event for an additional cost. They will provide basic MC duties of making announcements and introductions. We do not have the ability to provide full Master of Ceremonies services but can recommend who to contact should you require this additional full service.

Let us know! It’s not a problem to alter the hours you need for your event.

If you know prior to your event that you will need more time than you booked, let us know and we can update your booking to the new times.

If you decide at your event that you would like additional time, then please let the DJ know and we can organise full payment via credit card prior to the start of the additional time.

You can bring your music on a USB thumbstick in MP3 format, however we don’t recommend it.
It is far better to let us know prior to your event any special songs you want so that we can get a high quality version of the song and ensure it plays correctly.  If you have any songs that we can’t get (eg. custom creations), we recommend sending them in an email to us before the day so we can be sure they play correctly.

We have an online planning system that is accessible 24/7 so you are able to update your event details, select your music and update your timeline all when it suits you the best.

Our system does have a lockout period at 14 days prior to your date to ensure that we have all music required as well as to make sure we do not miss any changes you might make. Any changes can be made via email directly to the office. 

That is totally up to you. As long as you are happy for the DJ to take requests then they will. If you want the DJ to specifically stick to your list and not take requests then let us know and we can politely let guests know that the music list has already been provided.

A standard DJ booking includes a fully trained professional DJ who will bring with them a quality sound system, lighting effects for the dance floor and an extensive library of music.

We ask for your input through your online planning portal for suggestions of some must play and play if possible songs.  Here you can also add songs and artists you don’t want to hear as well.

Our DJs are all experienced and are able to read the crowd so if you are happy to give us a basic outline of genre’s then we can take it from there.

When you hire a DJ, you are paying for their experience as a professional entertainer. This means that you don’t have to worry about creating lists of songs for them to have to go though. (Why would you want to have to create a playlist of music when you can have someone do it for you?).

We ask for the key songs that we need for your event as well as asking you for a few of the absolute must plays and a handful of play if possible songs. This gives your DJ enough input to see what style of music you like and take it from there. Our DJs then have the ability to be responsive to the guests and change to fit what is currently happening (instead of being stuck “in the list”).

Let’s face it … you probably wouldn’t hire a professional stand up comedian and then hand them pages of the jokes you want them to tell would you?  If you are having a cake at your event, you probably gave the cake maker some guidance of what you want, but didn’t give them a specific list of ingredients.  You trust them as a professional.

Remember that each hour only allows us to play 20 songs (based on them being around 3 minutes each). Providing a list of more than an hours worth of music really cripples the effectiveness of the DJ and their experience. When we have to stick to a playlist, the client really could have saved some money and just hired a speaker and play their music themselves from their playlist. 

However, if you REALLY want to provide the DJ with a list of music we can do this, but please be aware that you are not utilising your DJ and instead degrading them to being a “jukebox with hair”. This may also mean that we will swap your DJ for a more recent team member who needs the experience and is happy to just play music from a list provided.

We have a team of DJs and will match the best available DJ for you closer to your event date based on location, age and music requests.

We ask you to help us with as much information as possible by completing details in your online portal.  Once we have that information, we are better equipped to match you to a suitable DJ.

You won’t get to meet your DJ in person before the event, as we keep our costs low for you by not factoring in meeting time for our DJs. (You can meet them prior to the day if you wish, however a fee will be charged as we respect our team members time).

For the service we provide, meeting isn’t necessary as most clients find the online planning portal and access to our office team sufficient to gather all the required information to pass onto the DJ for the event.

If meeting is important to you, we suggest a full service company such as NikNat Entertainment or G&M Events group who are happy to meet you, however have higher prices.

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