Marriage Equality For A Better World

At Premier DJs, we are proud to support marriage equality. Right now, we are going through a major change in our society and they way we view love.
No longer do we live in a world where love is only recognised between a man and a woman. Traditional marriage is not always the answer. Couples get married, have children and live their life together till the end. But not every love story has a happy ending. When same sex relationships were frowned upon, people were forced to live a lie and travel life’s journey not spending time with a person that they loved, but instead tried to fit into the “norm”.

As the world evolves and due to our uprise in technology, our generation are more vocal in expressing our thoughts and feelings. We choose the things that we want and spent our life on and with whoever we love. People nowadays are not expected to live with the rules from the past but to live their present life full of happiness. A lot of same sex couples are spending their life together for years even without marriage. Due to this, marriage equality has been the main topic for debates all over the world. Some countries have agreed to legalise equality on marriage but some are late adopters and are still in the process of considering and changing the law.

At Premier DJs, we have witnessed the love of same sex couples and have very much enjoyed being a part of their special day of commitment. We look forward to a day soon when these couples no longer have to settle for a commitment ceremony, but instead enjoy a full and legally recognised marriage. Some couples find that some relatives and family members are not accepting of their relationship. Many people judge them and throw a lot of bad words that really hurt their ego and personality but still they stay on each others arms and this is a beautiful thing because love indeed concurs all. Mostly people around them learn to respect the relationship that they have and see that love is real and blind to gender. That’s what love really is, it doesn’t matter what’s happening around. Even the whole world is against it that feeling still remains. You just need to go and enjoy it.

Marriage is about love and respect. It is a decision that both partner agree to be involved. It has no boundaries and limits. There are no rules and laws to follow. It chooses no age nor gender. Love is love no matter how the world accepts it. Once we have met that person no one can ever stop us from loving them even through the toughest of times. That’s why we believe that this simple but important factors are the main reason to legalise marriage equality. After all, everyone of us has the right to walk down the aisle with the person we love.

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