Why You Should Not Hire A $400 DJ

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Did you know you can get a DJ for as little as $400?

In fact, probably even LESS if you shop around the right places. You could probably find a DJ that would do your event for a carton of beer! Try putting an ad up at the uni and you will probably find a student who would be willing to DJ at your event for the promise of said carton of beer. Will they be any good? Probably not. Will they even turn up on the day? Who knows?


So how about the $400 DJ?  Maybe they are good.  Is their price instilling you with confidence that they are confident in their own value though?  You probably couldn’t even hire descent equipment to do it yourself for what they are charging!  So what is that saying about how much they believe in themselves?


You can find DJs that, on the other side of the scale, will charge you well over $2000 for an event. You can almost definitely bet on the fact that if they are charging this sort of money, they are on top of their game. The DJs who charge this sort of money are not “ripping you off” as some would suggest, they charge what they charge because they obviously are providing something worth that money or else they would go out of business.


The problem is, whilst the $2000+ DJs are obviously amazing, not everyone has that sort of money to invest on their entertainment.


That is why at Premier DJs we have prices that fit nicely in the middle. We are not on the bottom end of the scale that has you wondering WHY they are so cheap.  We are not at the top of the market at the $2000+ scale.  We sit nicely in the middle providing a quality service at a very fair pricing. Our price reflects our value for money as well as our confidence in our service to ask for a fair price for our work.


One major problem with the cheap DJs is that they frequently find the small amounts they are charging are not sustainable.  They find themselves trying to undercut to get events but discover their overheads are greater than their profit.  They could easily go out of business by the time your event has arrived!  You are left without a DJ.  How do we know this happens?  Because we have been contacted by panicked event organisers, brides, families and venue staff when they find their original DJ has gone missing in action! This happens when DJs become obsessed with a race to the bottom of the pricing ladder.


In extreme discounting and this obsession to be cheaper than everyone else, the quality suffers.  Therefore you as the hirer suffer.  The DJ can no longer afford to upgrade equipment, maintain equipment, pay for new music … the list is endless and the costs of running a real DJ business is extensive.  A real DJ business has to pay for insurance, licenses, music, marketing, equipment, repairs, vehicle maintenance.  At Premier DJs, when you hire us, you can rest assured you are hiring a REAL business.  Not a hobbyist.  A real, registered DJ business with an accountant, business planner, accounts staff, trainers etc.


At the end of the day, it is YOUR event.  Who you choose and how much you pay is completely up to you. How much you pay is a reflection of the value of importance you believe good entertainment plays in ensuring your event is a success. Some people believe entertainment is of little importance.  If that is you, then it is fine to find the cheapest option you can.  If you believe entertainment is the single most important thing, then you should find one of the elite top level entertainment companies that guarantee their work.  If you are after a great time at a great price then we will be right for you.  A fair price that will still let you sleep easy at night knowing we will turn up and do a great job.

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