Wedding DJ Hire – What You Should Know

Wedding DJ Hire

Are you considering a wedding DJ for your wedding?  There are so many options available for couples that it can be a little overwhelming to determine what is right for you. A wedding DJ is one type of entertainment that you could choose, but why?

What sets a wedding DJ apart from other entertainment options for your special day?

Here are just a few points of difference to consider:

  • A wedding DJ will have all the music you request and will be able to play the versions you know and love. As long as you have provided enough notice and communication in the planning stage leading up to your day your DJ will have every song that you request.
  • You can make requests on the night and there is a HIGH chance that they will have the song in their library. A DJ’s library often ranges in the 20 000 song area so that’s a great wealth of resources right there waiting to be played! Other entertainment options are often restricted to songs that they can play as they don’t have the resources or knowledge with them to pull Granny’s favourite 1950’s song out after your best friends request of the latest top of the charts song.
  • Wedding DJs know the format for a wedding and can help with keeping you night on schedule so you don’t run out of time to dance! If your wedding DJ is also your MC then – pow! – perfect way to keep it all on track.

Hopefully this will help with that conundrum and point you in the right direction for choosing a wedding DJ for your day!

We look forward to speaking to you about how we can help you for your wedding day with one of our highly trained, professional team. Just pick up the phone and call us or send us a message.

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