WARNING – You Should Know This

THIS is SO, SO, SO critical for you to read if you are wanting a great event.  (I think you get an idea by now how important this really is).

You are living a busy life … reading takes time.  But THIS could be THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you ever read to ensure your event is everything you dreamed.  Take some time and please read this, for your own sake!

Unfortunately, DJs as a whole do not have the best reputation. There are DJs that are letting the industry down.  They drink, they dress poorly, they disappear from behind their booth for extended periods of times. They have come to party.  These sort of DJs feel that they are “paid to party”.  These guys end up ruining the night for everyone.  When you hire these guys, you realise when it is too late you have hired someone that feels like not only are they crashing the party and making it their own, but you are paying them to do it!

But you know what?

They get work.

LOT’S of it.

Why?  Because they are usually also very cheap.

When you shop around for quotes from DJs and you are looking at price as the deciding factor, this is what you get. Some bottom feeding, party going DJ that has no intention of providing you with a quality service.

That’s if they show up at all!  There is an epidemic of DJs that will take your full payment and then fail to turn up to your event. Leaving you stuck without any entertainment (but to be honest they have probably done you a favour by not showing up!).

When you hire a really cheap DJ, the only people that might be happy will be the venue staff because they will end up having an early night. Why? Because all your guests will go home early due to the terrible entertainment.


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