Karaoke Christmas Party

Karaoke: because nobody’s tone deaf to a good time

Personally I’ve long been a fan of kicking out the jams on the karaoke microphone. It’s irresistible, irrepressible, whenever I visit my favorite pubs and watering holes if there’s karaoke set up and ready to go then I have my plans for the evening. Sometimes I make myself a fool, in a good way, and sometimes I hit the notes just right – either way, a fun time is had by all. It’s the perfect way to add a little bit more silliness and adventurousness to a night on the town. Tone deaf or not, singing a riotous duet with my best mates, co-workers, or even someone I just met is the surest way to make a night memorable. I simply can’t resist the karaoke microphone after a glass of liquid cheer.

My personal favorite tracks? I’m a fan of singing the Talking Heads whenever the opportunity of karaoke presents itself. David Byrne, mastermind behind Talking Heads, has some killer dance moves that work well behind the microphone stand. And during the holidays I’ve been known to croon out the lyrics to “Silver and Gold” from the classic TV special Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

And the pub isn’t required! In fact, karaoke is one of the surest ways to entertain your guests at a Christmas party or otherwise. As a party planner I’ve been big on selling people on getting karaoke at as many events as possible. For one simple reason if nothing else, karaoke is something other than dancing to get guests involved in the festivities. Not everyone likes to dance, but what about singing? And if they can’t sing, maybe a good duet partner will give them the courage to sing a little ditty and laugh with friends. Nothing gets a holiday party going quite like delicious food, good friends, and perhaps a talented bartender. But add in a DJ, especially when that DJ is well-versed in hosting karaoke, and you’ve really got yourself a night to remember. Why not bring all the fun of karaoke during a night on the town to your next holiday party? The DJs at Premier DJs aren’t only well-versed in reading a crowd, working a playlist, and collaborating with our clients to get the perfect soundtrack arranged for parties and events, but they know how to host karaoke with the best of them.

And that makes all the difference. The DJ isn’t simply there to push a button. While you’re the host, think of your DJ as something of a toast-master who acts as your co-pilot on the way to an excellent and most memorable event. A good DJ knows how to talk to the crowd, getting each and everyone laughing. A great DJ has the skills to make the karaoke microphone as irresistible to your crowd as it is to me.

The holidays are just as good a time as any for adding karaoke to your next event. We have the classic Christmas and holiday songs everyone’s familiar with and loves. We also have the top of the pops, classic rock, whatever you need, with an extensive songbook of karaoke tracks. When planning your the soundtrack of your next event with Premier DJs keep our karaoke services in mind.

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