How To Avoid Common Wedding Music Mistakes

Wedding Music Mistakes

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most significant days of your life. Every detail, from the venue to the attire, contributes to making it special. A crucial part of this celebration is the music, which sets the tone, evokes emotions, and makes lasting memories. But just like any other element of a wedding, there’s potential for missteps in the musical department. Here are some common wedding music mistakes and how to avoid them, ensuring that your big day remains melodically memorable.


1. Selecting Overly Lengthy Songs

Every song tells a story, but during a wedding, some stories might just be too long. This is especially true for ceremonial moments like the processional or the couple’s first dance.

Solution: Opt for a condensed version of your favourite song. Many songs have shorter, radio-edit versions available. Alternatively, a DJ or band can fade out a track at a chosen moment. Remember, the goal is to maintain your guests’ engagement and keep the event’s momentum.


2. Not Considering Your Guests’ Tastes

It’s your special day, but your guests play a crucial role in the celebration. While it’s essential to include personal favourites, a playlist filled solely with niche or unfamiliar songs might alienate some guests.

Solution: Strike a balance. Incorporate a mix of genres and eras, ensuring there’s something for everyone. A great idea is to ask for song requests on the wedding RSVP. This way, guests look forward to hearing their song and are more likely to hit the dance floor.


3. Forgetting Special Moments

Weddings are filled with poignant moments that can be enhanced with the right track. Forgetting to select a song for significant events like the cake cutting or bouquet toss can make these moments feel less momentous.

Solution: Make a list of all the key moments in your ceremony and reception that require a musical backdrop. Collaborate with your DJ or band ahead of time to ensure no moment goes unsung.


4. Overdoing the ‘Do Not Play’ List

It’s okay to have a few songs you’d rather not hear on your big day. However, an excessively restrictive ‘do not play’ list can limit the DJ’s ability to read the room and play to the crowd.

Solution: Trust your DJ. Provide them with a concise list of songs or genres to avoid, but also allow them the flexibility to adapt the playlist based on the crowd’s energy and preferences.


5. Not Vetting Song Lyrics

That catchy beat might get everyone moving, but sometimes lyrics can be inappropriate for a mixed-age crowd or simply not resonate with the wedding’s tone.

Solution: Take a moment to listen to the full song and vet the lyrics. If you love a song but find the lyrics questionable, consider using an instrumental version.


6. Overlooking the Volume

While everyone loves a good dance party, there are times during the wedding, like during dinner or conversations, when the music shouldn’t overshadow the moment.

Solution: If you have a professional DJ or band they will take care of, and should know the correct volume. You can help by making sure they’re aware of the schedule by providing them with a run sheet prior to the day, lowering the volume during meal times and raising it when it’s time to dance.



Music is the heartbeat of any celebration, especially a wedding. By sidestepping these common pitfalls, you ensure that the rhythm of your big day remains unbroken, setting the stage for an unforgettable event. Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or someone who just wants to ensure everyone has a good time, taking a moment to thoughtfully plan and avoid these mistakes will undoubtedly hit the right note with all in attendance.


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