Hire a Wedding DJ – What You Need To Know

So you are getting married?


Now comes the exciting (but often confusing) time of hiring all your wedding professionals to make your day perfect. Time to hire a wedding DJ too. But let’s be honest, this is probably the first time you have ever bought a wedding!

We are no experts on every aspect of every wedding supplier, but we CAN help you with what you should be looking for in a wedding DJ.

Maybe you have not only never had to plan a wedding before, perhaps you have also never been to a wedding before, so you might not know what makes any DJ different to any other.

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to finding a DJ from the really cheesy ones through to the ultra-professional ones and everything in between. But how do you tell the difference? Let us make it more easy for you to hire a wedding DJ for your day.

Do they have a professional looking website?

This is of course not the only thing, but is definitely a piece of the puzzle. If they can’t bother to present themselves professionally online, why not? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and today it is simple to keep a great professional online presence. Some DJ businesses don’t even have a website at all, this is probably sending the wrong message if they don’t care enough about their business to even have a website.

What are their reviews like?

Do they have good testimonials from previous couples? Do some research and see what others have said about the service they received.

Do they have a support office?

Is the DJ a solo operator flying alone or part of a bigger team? Whilst there are a lot of solo operators out there, what happens if they get ill and are unable to fulfill their commitment to you? Would you prefer the knowledge you are working with a team with contingency plans instead?

It’s not all about equipment

Yes, whilst it is important to have quality sounding equipment, that SHOULD be assumed when hiring a DJ (however, there are certainly some DJs using terrible sounding equipment). Look beyond just it being the fact that you are going to hire a wedding DJ and their equipment, think of it as hiring a professional with a personality that will be friendly and approachable. Our team are all happy to take requests and work with you and your guests to ensure a great night for all.

Relax … we are here to help you hire a wedding DJ

We hope these few points will help you to make the right decision for your wedding entertainment. We have an office that you can call from Monday РFriday to chat to our office staff with any questions you might have.  This is especially helpful when you have booked with us and you can rest easy that we are just a phone call away.

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