Gold Coast DJ Hire

Gold Coast DJ Hire

Gold Coast DJ Hire

Gold Coast DJ hire companies are plentiful. This can make your job in choosing the right one to fit your vision very difficult. You will find some that coast only a couple of hundred dollars and others will set you back thousands.

So which Gold Coast DJ hire company should you choose?

Us? Maybe not. You would expect that we are going to tell you that we are the right fit for you, but we are not that arrogant to assume we are the right fit for all. You will definitely find plenty of companies however that will try and tell you they do everything and are the right fit for all.


No one Gold Coast DJ hire company can be the right match for every client. There are way too many variables.

So, what questions should you be asking to determine who is the right fit for your event?

  • Your Budget – all too often people hiring a DJ fall into the trap of assuming all DJs are the same so hire the cheapest they find. Whilst your budget is important, it should not be the only deciding factor in finding the right fit.
  • Your Event – What type of event are you having? There are some DJs that only cater for one type of event. (For example, some companies exclusively do weddings and nothing else). So going to a company that does only weddings if you are having a birthday party will be a waste of your time.
  • Style of Music – What style of music do you like? If you are really into a particular style of music, check that the DJ you enquire with is familiar with that style.
  • Reputation – What are other people saying about the DJ? Can you find any online reviews of what other people have said?
  • Equipment – Do they use high quality equipment? After all, what is the point in hiring a DJ that has terrible sounding speakers?

There are many more points you can think of, but we hope these few might be helpful in finding the right Gold Coast DJ hire company for your event.

We would love to chat to you about your event to answer any questions you have to find out if we might be a good match.

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