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Song Limits - Why Are There Limits?

When you hire a DJ, you are paying for their experience as a professional entertainer. This means that you don't have to worry about creating lists of songs for them to have to go though. (Why would you want to have to create a playlist of music when you can have someone do it for you?).

We ask for the key songs that we need for your event as well as asking you for a few of the absolute must plays and a handful of play if possible songs. This gives your DJ enough input to see what style of music you like and take it from there. Our DJs then have the ability to be responsive to the guests and change to fit what is currently happening (instead of being stuck "in the list").

Let's face it ... you probably wouldn't hire a professional stand up comedian and then hand them pages of the jokes you want them to tell would you?  If you are having a cake at your event, you probably gave the cake maker some guidance of what you want, but didn't give them a specific list of ingredients.  You trust them as a professional.

Remember that each hour only allows us to play 20 songs (based on them being around 3 minutes each). Providing a list of more than an hours worth of music really cripples the effectiveness of the DJ and their experience. When we have to stick to a playlist, the client really could have saved some money and just hired a speaker and play their music themselves from their playlist. 

However, if you REALLY want to provide the DJ with a list of music we can do this, but please be aware that you are not utilising your DJ and instead degrading them to being a "jukebox with hair". This may also mean that we will swap your DJ for a more recent team member who needs the experience and is happy to just play music from a list provided.