Find a Gold Coast DJ

Find a Gold Coast DJ

Trying to find a Gold Coast DJ that is right for you?

When you are looking to book a Gold Coast DJ, there a plenty of options out there. But the problem is … how do you choose?
Sure, you can hire a Gold Coast DJ and just hope that you got the right person for your event, but you won’t be able to sleep easy until the event date.

So what should you look for when considering the available options for offer when trying to find a Gold Coast DJ that is right for you?

Well, for starters, it is a good idea to first check if they are a proper registered business. This is easy to do on the ASIC Website.
If a DJ is not a registered business with an ABN, it is probably an indication they are not serious about their business and might not take you very serious as a client!

Another check is to make sure they have an actual website. Yes, a lot of people operate with just a Facebook page, but … does a Facebook page alone make you feel that you are hiring a Gold Coast DJ that is serious about their business? A professional looking, polished website is a sign that they take their craft seriously enough to have invested the time and/or money to create a real presence on the internet and not just a free Facebook page.

Before you hire a Gold Coast DJ, consider if you are dealing with a company with extra staff, processes, an office for support as well as online support or is it a solo operator that is just squeezing in events on the weekends. It is not uncommon to have people tell us that it can take many days to have their emails or voice messages returned by DJs they have hired. This certainly wouldn’t make you sleep well at night wondering if they are getting your messages.

Premier DJs offer an excellent service at a very fair price. We strive for excellence from all our team members and are frequently training them to become the very best DJ they can be for your event. We give our clients access to a 24 hour online planning system to ensure that nothing has been missed. We like to make our clients feel that, when they hire us they have made a good decision. When you hire a Gold Coast DJ from us, you are not just hiring a DJ, you are hiring a team that will work together behind the scenes supporting you in your planning.

We have real office staff that support both our DJs as well as our clients.

Don’t just hire a Gold Coast DJ. Hire a Premier DJ!




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