DJ for Corporate Events


So you are looking for a DJ for corporate events?

Perhaps you have drawn the short straw and you are the one responsible for bringing together a successful event.  You want to impress the boss and ensure that everyone has an amazing time right?

Furthermore, if you are like many organisations, you will be asked to gather 3 quotes for everything so that the decision can then be made from the information you gather.

The problem here is that you are gathering prices … not truly quantitative data.  As someone that works in the corporate field, I am sure that you have competitors in YOUR industry that undercut everyone and also sacrifice their quality in order to get the lowest price.

Guess what?  It happens in the DJ industry too.  If you are simply shopping for the lowest price when you are looking for a DJ for corporate events, you will be very, very disappointed. Not all DJs are the same. Here are some questions to help to quantify the data you collect in making your final decision so that it is not based on price alone.

  • Do they have good feedback when you search for them on Google, Facebook etc.  What are others saying about them?
  • Do they have the required legal licences in order to play at the venue you have booked for your event?  At a minimum all DJs legally require $20 million public liability cover and PPCA licencing however it is our experience that many don’t bother to get these.  This means your DJ might not even be allowed onto your venue, and even if they are and something goes wrong, they are not covered and YOU will be the one in trouble for hiring uninsured / unlicensed entertainment.
  • Do they have experience in corporate events? How many have they done? Can they give you some names of previous clients they have helped?
  • What sort of equipment do they have? It SHOULD be a given that all DJs have descent equipment, however sadly this is far from the truth. Many cut-price DJs can not afford to buy proper equipment for their own job.

There are probably dozens of things you should be asking before deciding upon the right DJ for you, but we hope these few questions and points might be enough to get you thinking about what else you can ask other than what price they are.

We wish you all the very best of luck in finding the right choice for you.

Premier DJs have been proud to provide many of Australia’s leading companies a professional DJ for corporate events.

Please consider us, we might be the right solution for you.

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